How the capsules work

Here is how the nutrients will begin to take effect in your body by phase.

The Internal Phases:

1-3 days = You should begin to feel energised. The B vitamins will give you an energy boost for your day

4-10 days = You should begin to experience more restful sleep, better focus during the day and have better control of your mood. Magnesium which is responsible for these functions is helping you during this time. The Omega3 is also helping with your brain health, sleep and memory. You will experience some pretty good days at work from this time.

The External Phases:

11-30 days = Your skin will begin to clear and balance. The nutrients replaced within your body helps with eliminating oxidative stress and improves cell renewal resulting in noticeably smoother skin. Thanks to antioxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C.