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From Traditional African medicine to Nutritional Science

We are black female-owned, scientifically-backed, gluten-free, GMO-free and cruelty-free.

Sān Wellness is a premium African ethno-medicinal wellness brand. Our mission is to provide women around the world mastery over their health through Africa’s ancestral knowledge.

Our multi-performing daily supplement has been designed for minority and black women to provide them essential micro-nutrients for immunity, skin and hair health, sleep, energy and fertility support.

  • Eliminate PMS pain

    Treat moderate to severe PMS symptoms the natural way, medication-free

  • Reduce Acne Inflammation

    With skin-food minerals that reduce acne caused by inflammation

  • Grow healthier, stronger hair

    Achieve fuller, thicker hair with no side effects from medical treatments

  • Achieve deep, restful sleep

    Enjoy the best nights sleep you have ever had and wake up refreshed

  • Improve concentration

    Better focus and concentration during the day to help you hit your goal this year

  • More natural energy

    Natural energy to help you last all day without a midday crash or a nap

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